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Fix Gummy SmileMany people have felt embarrassed about their smile, whether it is because of discolored teeth, crooked teeth, or other dental problems. The media as well as dental practices have widely advertised fixes for these common problems. However, many people believe that there is no hope for them if they have a gummy smile, or a smile that shows too much of the gums. Dr. Zadeh offers a gummy smile fix that has dramatic and permanent results.

"Fixing a gummy smile" can be more difficult than other cosmetic dental surgeries because it can be caused by many different factors. For some patients, the gummy smile is the result of overgrown gums. For others, it can be caused by an upper lip that retracts more than normal when the person smiles, showing more of the gums than is desirable. Still others have a problem with the proportions of their teeth compared with their gums. A combination of these factors can also cause a gummy smile.

Dr. Zadeh can fix a gummy smile with his patent pending Gum lift procedure. The Gumlift procedure incorporates several techniques to address the cause of your gummy smile. These methods include crown lengthening, indirect or direct lip repositioning, and/or teeth reproportioning. In some drastic cases, he even trims the bone and places the gums at a higher level. This combination of methods helps to ensure that you achieve permanent and lasting results.

Dr. Zadeh has over twenty years of experience with the Gumlift procedure. Fixing a gummy smile is not always a simple procedure, but in many cases it can be accomplished in one office visit and with general anesthetic. In other-more complex cases- Dr. Zadeh may conduct the Gum lift in two stages. In either case, your gums should heal within days of completing the procedure and you will be able to display your radiant smile to the world. Gummy smiles are not something that have to be endured or lived with anymore.

Not every cosmetic dentist has the skills and expertise that Dr. Zadeh has to fix gummy smiles. Even if another cosmetic dentist has tried and failed to fix gummy smile before, Dr. Zadeh can help. Patients come from all over the country to have their gummy smile fixed by Dr. Zadeh. Call Dr. Zadeh's office today at 310-273-8414 or our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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