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Gummy Smile DentistWhen you have a gummy smile, you don't show the world your best face. You may hide your smile in social situations, or you may talk with your lips tightened, giving you an off-putting appearance. While only a few decades ago, this was a lifelong problem, there is no longer a need to suffer with a gummy smile. Dr. Zadeh, a foremost expert in the field of gummy smile correction surgery, can help your get rid of your problem and give you the radiant, well-balanced smile that you have always deserved.

Dr. Zadeh is a cosmetic dentist from Beverly Hills and has over twenty-five years of experience fixing gummy smiles. Unlike most other dentists who claim to be able to fix gummy smiles, Dr. Zadeh has surgical qualifications and was one of the first, if not the first, to apply gum correction surgery to the world of cosmetic dentistry. These qualifications allow Dr. Zadeh to treat gummy smiles in a more comprehensive manner, without referring you to outside specialists or giving incomplete and often temporary results. Most dentists can only treat gummy smiles with simple procedure such as the crown lengthening procedure or a simple lip repositioning procedure. These treatments help on a short term basis, but they do not provide the long term results that Dr. Zadeh offers with his Gumlift procedure. He looks at the root of your gummy smile problem and develops, alongside you, a comprehensive treatment smile to not only correct your gummy smile, but ensure that you have permanent results. 

The gummy smile dentist that lacks Dr. Zadeh's surgical qualifications cannot provide the comprehensive Gum lift procedure that he has developed. This procedure is a multi-level approach that treats the root cause of your gummy smile. For example, Dr. Zadeh can surgically trim the bone and shorten the gum line, as well as reproportion the teeth. In addition to these surgical procedures, Dr. Zadeh can directly or indirectly reposition the lip as well as perform the crown lengthening procedure. Also, if the patient wishes to do additional work or has other oral health problems that need to be addressed, Dr. Zadeh is a fully trained master cosmetic dentist and can provide you with everything you need to get the radiant smile of your dreams, entirely in his office.

When you contract with Dr. Zadeh, gummy smile dentist, you know that you are working with one of the best, most highly qualified cosmetic dentists in the United States. Dr. Zadeh is one of the few dentists awarded the Master status by the Academy of Dentistry. This award is only given to the select few dentists who demonstrate a strong commitment to continuing education. In addition to this honor, Dr. Zadeh was honored in 2008 with the “America's Top Dentist” Award by the Consumer Council of America, and again in 2010. In March 2014, Los Angeles Magazine named him among the top dentists in Southern California. In 2012, he was awared "Master" status by the Academy of General Dentistry, and is seen as a Fellow in the International College of Oral Implantology. His skill set and versatility is unmatched by almost any other dentist, and no other dentist in the region can offer the comprehensive level of service that Dr. Zadeh can. 

There is no need to waste your time with another gummy smile dentist who cannot provide the same level of service as Dr. Zadeh. Call his office today at 310-273-8414 to schedule your free consultation, or, if you do not live in the Beverly Hills area, e-mail your gummy smile picture to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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