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Gummy Smile Surgery

You do not have to suffer with a gummy smile. The occurs when a smile has a disproportionate balance between the gums and teeth. It happens when the gums cover more of the teeth than average (called excess gingiva), or the lip curls too far back when the person smiles. Frequently, patients suffer a combination of both. This makes the gums noticeable when you smile and your teeth appear small. Many patients believed they had short teeth, when in fact, they had normal sized teeth and either their lip was retracting too far back or the excessive gingiva gave an appearance of smallness.


In 1989, Dr. Parsa T. Zadeh began to perform gum lifts for purely cosmetic reasons in his patent pending technique called the GumLift®. Since then many practitioners have begun to promote that they perform gummy smile corrections. Most of them achieve a limited result by “trimming” the gum margin either by a scalpel or laser. While this method has its place, it is an imperfect application. If the case is severe enough for the person to seek surgical help, this “laser correction” and/or traditional techniques are often inadequate to satisfy the patient long term. The excess gum tissue tends to grow back in about 10 months, resulting in the patient having to go through the entire process again or the lip returns to its normal position.


Living in the lights of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Dr. Zadeh has pushed himself to be the leader in his field.


Dr. Zadeh prefers to have it done correctly the first time so that the patient can enjoy their smile for a lifetime. Other practitioners may approach correction with a “lip repositioning” procedure. In these cases the upper lip attachment is surgically altered so that the lip does not move up when you smile. This procedure offers great, immediate results when used. However, the elastic nature of the lip tissues, continuous lip muscle activity, and the body's tendency to heal, the lip attachment grows back in about 1 to 2 years. Some new practitioners are offering Botox to deactivate the muscles that lift the lip to limit the exposure of the 'negative' aspects of the patient's smile. Botox creates an unnatural, stiff, doll-like look that many find undesirable and will eventually wear off. There are also risks in using Botox if it is not handled or administered properly. As a result, it is a risky and temporary solution.

Perfect Your Smile

Dr. Zadeh has nearly thirty years of experience with the gum lift procedure. Few other dentists have his level of experience with correcting gummy smiles, and even fewer have the restorative and cosmetic experience to perform proper gummy smile surgeries. Because of this fact, seeing another dentist may result in multiple office visits to different specialists, costing additional time, money, and causing undue stress for patients.

While Dr. Zadeh can use all of these simpler methods to correct a gummy smile when indicated, he has found that when patient is considering surgical intervention for this condition, they are usually looking for a drastic  and permanent improvement of their smile through gummy smile surgery.

Dr. Zadeh achieves this by trimming the underlying bone and placing the gum at a higher level along with an indirect lip repositioning. These procedures are performed in the same session, making it a one-time outpatient procedure. In many cases, perfect results cannot be achieved without changing the individual size of the teeth.

If teeth need to be reproprotioned or restoratively moved, a combination of three procedures are used to create permanent improvements to the patient's smile. For some cases, Dr. Zadeh recommends additional veneer or crown work to help the teeth appear even and straight, especially if the patient has other dental issues. This commitment to perfection, permanent solutions, professionalism, and your needs sets Dr. Zadeh apart from every other dentist and oral surgeon who performs corrections. 

gummy smile surgery

Unfortunately, there are practitioners who are so called “specialists” in gum surgery, but are limited to what they can do (by training and by state law) to perform a complete Gum lift. They may be able to do the lip repositioning and /or the crown lengthening part but they cannot do the teeth reproportioning in their limited practice. Teeth reproportioning is an essential step for many patients to get the smile they want and create the permanent results they desire.


Easier Than You Think

The surgery can often be accomplished in just one office visit in the beautiful and prestigious Beverly Hills. In more complex cases needing tooth reproportioning, Dr. Zadeh will perform the procedure in two stages. In most cases, the patient is sedated and will sleep through the procedure and wake up to the Hollywood smile they have always wanted. The experience is often life changing for our patients, who feel more confident, attractive, and satisfied with their appearance than ever before.


Cost also should not be a concern, as many gummy smile procedures are actually very affordable, and when weighed against the cost to your self confidence -- the cost of Dr. Zadeh's treatment cannot be beat. His gummy smile procedures have literally changed hundreds of people's lives for the better.


There is no need to settle for anything less than the excellent care and precision that Dr. Zadeh offers with his patent pending procedure.

If you are interested in correcting or improving your smile, contact Dr. Zadeh’s office at (310) 273-8414 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a free consultation. During your initial consultation, Dr. Zadeh will look at your teeth and explain the gum lift procedure, as well as discuss how the surgery could help your particular smile.

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